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Virtual Office Network

TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktops replace individual desktop computers, but, more than that, it becomes your entire office network. When you have an office, or multiple offices - your TurnKeyDesktop Virtual Desktops interconnect to create your own private office network. Share files, print documents, access everything from the same Virtual Desktop.

Small Office Deployment

For small teams with one location the TurnKeyDesk gives you easy access to everything you need and want to share with the other members of your organization. Easy access to the secure environment makes collaboration quick, easy and affordable. There will be no more need for costly upgrades to your desktops and servers every three to five years since you would now be leasing all of the hardware and software on a monthly basis.

For larger organizations that span large geographic regions with multiple offices, you will find that the TurnKeyDesk is the answer to true corporate collaboration. All office locations of an organization would access the Turnkey datacenter to be connected to the office virtual network. All of the processing of applications and sharing of files would be processed at lightning fast speeds in the cloud, and then the image would be viewed on each of the clients devices that are connected to the virtual network.

Large Office Deployment
Customize Your Virtual Network

Many businesses and organizations have the need to provide multiple images to their staff based on departments and levels of management. The TurnKeyDesk software has the ability to provide as many images per user as needed. This will allow clients the option to host various applications and set levels of permissions as needed per user. This versatility is one on the many features that sets the TurnkeyDesk platform apart from many other VDI solutions.

Having the ability to add and update images will allow organizations to meet more specific needs of a particular department or management level. As an example, the accounting department could have the accounting software on their image while the marketing and customer service departments have only the applications they use loaded to their images. If the need arises to add an additional software application to an image, Turnkey will be readily available to expedite the installation of the software and license key and reload the image. Our platform will allow as many images as you need.

Desktop Image Selection
Image Selection

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