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Virtual Desktop Support

TurnKeyDesk is supported through our own 24/7 in house technical support team. Once an agreement to move forward is in place our technical team begins the process of building the customized platform to fit your organization’s needs. After your virtual network has been deployed our support team will be available around the clock to assist with any issues that need attention. We have a fully documented support desk and ticketing system, chat system as well as phone support.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why choose TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktops versus other providers?

TurnKeyDesk is the only Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop provider that owns, operates, and manages its own enterprise grade datacenter, private & public cloud, tier-1 network, servers, and data storage infrastructure. TurnKeyDesk provides the best in class for security, compliance and service with our SSAE-16 Certification along with our classification with as an Energy Star Certified Datcenter. View our comprehensive Virtual Desktop Comparison Chart for more details.

What is the Turnkey Desk?

The TurnKeyDesk is a subscription service offering that allows you to buy and access virtual desktops on that will be available on demand over the Internet. The TurnKeyDesk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop allows your organization to enjoy the benefits of virtual desktops without the large upfront costs and complex management challenges of setting up your own In-House Virtual Desktop (VDI) Solution.

What is included with the Turnkey Desk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops?

The TurnKeyDesk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop includes the software, hardware, and network pre-configured to replace your typical desktop computer and office network. We include Microsoft Office or Apache Open Office, a windows based operating system as well as the hardware (cpu, memory, and cloud-based disk space). All of this is powered by our TurnKey Cloud network, providing you with a worry free complete system that will replace your traditional desktop computer.

What about my office network, and servers?

The Turnkey Desk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop includes an integrated private network, and secure file sharing folders where you can drag and drop files between staff who have TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktops. We also offer Cloud Servers to replace your office servers, and tie them in to your private office network in the cloud. With TurnKey Desk, you do not have to manage or setup a traditional office network, it is all included in our service package.

What is the price?

There are no high upfront costs (such as when you buy a computer, or Microsoft Office) - a simple low monthly subscription cost, that starts as low as $49/mo. Depending on the amount of users and how your private network is configured additional costs will be included. You can get more information on pricing and options available by visiting our Getting Started Page via our web site.

How do I access the TurnKey Desk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop?

You can access the TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop through any PC, MAC, thin client, smart phone, or tablet device from any location over the Internet. The access method is done via a secure encrypted protocol called "RDP" (Remote Desktop Protocol) and works much like a VPN to secure you connection, but requires no setup, configuration or installation - it's built into any of the mentioned devices to connect to the TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop already.

How is the Turnkey Desk Hosted Cloud Virtual Desktop different installing an In-House Virtual Desktop Solution (VDI)?

Please view our Virtual Desktop Comparison Chart to see each feature as it compares to an In-House solution versus Cloud Hosted solution for your Virtual Desktops. The main advantage of the Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop with TurnKey Desk is you avoid significant upfront costs for hardware and software, as well as the high management costs due to the complexity to setup an In-House solution. Also the functionality of the Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop brings a new level of mobility and collaboration to your work force.

What type of businesses does the Turnkey Desk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop work best for?

The TurnKey Desk works great for any organization - large or small. A single-person start-up company, small office, to a multi-location 250+ person corporate workforce, can all utilize the maximum potential of the TurnKey Desk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop. If you want to leverage the benefits of virtual desktops without the cost and complexity of an In-House Virtual Desktop solution.

Do I have to manage or set up anything?

The team at TurnKey Desk manages all the systems - the Virtual Desktops, Cloud Servers, security and network components are all covered in our service plans. You do have a centralized web adminitration panel to control, manage or modify (add/remove users for instance) - so you can make changes as you see fit, but everything we provide is automatically backed up, secured, and managed by our local expert team.

What software can be installed in the TurnKey Desktop?

Any Microsoft Windows Platform software should run inside the TurnKey Desktop. We will pre-install Microsft Office or apache Open-Office for you, and you have the ability to install your own software. Please see our Supported Virtual Desktop Applications list and if you don't see your software listed, it should work just fine if its Microsoft Windows Platform based.

What about compliance, best business practices, privacy, security and reliability of the Cloud?

The Turnkey Desk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops leverage the TurnKey Internet Enterprise Grade Data Center, and the TurnKey Cloud cloud hosted infrastructure to provide a compliant, physically secure, and reliable TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktop. Data backups are automated and stored either on-site or off-site depending on your needs, providing you not only the best in reliabilty but the peace of mind of data security as well.

Using the Virtual Desktop with TurnKey Desk, your sensitive data is protected on secure servers in our datacenter rather than sitting on unprotected desktop computers or roaming around the public like the backseat of a cab, coffee shop or airport. Your data is always locked in our datacenter, providing centralized controls and compliance. Our Microsoft Exchange level email service is capable of providing HIPAA and SOX compliant archiving for all your corporate communications.

TurnKey Desk includes advanced policy controls, offering an even greater layer of privacy and security to your corporate communications. For instance, you can restrict employees from having the ability to download data (to say a thumb drive) - which can prevent potential employee theft of confidential information. If you had a traditional desktop computer, it's possible an employee could tamper with the physical computer to override any software security policies that prevented them to copy confidential information- but with TurKey Desk all the physical hardware is secured in our Datacenter and the policy controls can not be overriden by the employee.

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