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Virtual Desktop Comparison

TurnKeyDesk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops offer a substantial advantage over traditional desktop computers and In-House Virtual Desktop solutions. TurnKeyDesk offers proven reliability, security, mobility, and a substantial cost savings that cannot be achieved with a traditional desktop or In-House Virtual Desktop solution.

TurnKeyDesk is the only Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop provider that owns, operates, and manages it's own Enterprise Grade Data Center, private & public cloud, Tier-1 network, servers, and data storage infrastructure.

TurnKeyDesk provides the best in class for security, compliance and service.

Benefits Typical Computer Desktop Best-Practices Desktop In-House Virtual Desktops TurnKey Virtual Desktops
Session Mobility
Small Form Factor
Centralized Company Data
Mobile and Remote Access
End-User Satisfaction
Multiple Images
End-User Productivity
Secure Stable Environment
Ease of Upgrades
Restrict Physical Data Policies
Compliance + HIPAA & SOX
Auto Fail Over Reliability
Training and Q/A Monitoring
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