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Virtual Desktop Benefits

  • Virtual Desktop Benefits

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud bring ease-of-use to both IT managers and business owners. The term Cloud Desktop and Virtual Desktop are interchangeable and represent a merging of the traditional functions of an office computer with the mobility, scalability and cost effectiveness of The Cloud.

The complexities of setting up, securing, and maintaining office computers and desktop applications can be replaced with a click of a button utilizing TurnKeyDesk Cloud Hosted Desktops for scalable IT On Demand.

TurnKeyDesk Saves Money

TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktops take IT on Demand further by helping you greatly reduce your IT costs. There are no more expensive office computers, or business software to buy only to replace every few years. Say goodbye to the traditional high up front CAPEX costs to buy high end office computers. Those can be replaced with inexpensive thin client devices, that connect to your virtual desktop, saving you up to a thousand dollars per traditional desktop computer.

With TurnKeyDesk there is no need for expensive IT consultants to setup your office computers. You can reduce the size of your office, since you don't need bulky computers on each employee's desk, or the back office servers.

Virtual Desktop Thin Client
Virtual Desktop Workstation

You greatly reduce electricity costs in both the office computer savings but also the reduction in air cooling demands that typical office computers require. Best yet, all the great benefits of a Virtual Desktop are available for a low monthly cost.

Not only do you greatly lower your internal IT staffing costs, but you also avoid expensive software upgrade costs by having access to best-in-class technology and software versions that are current at all times thanks to our subscription model. For instance, we include access to the latest Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office. For an office of 10 people, that could cost you $3,000 or more to license, and in just a few years you repeat the cycle with another $3,000 or more in software license costs to upgrade!

Mobility and Universal Accessibility

The modern business office has evolved to a mobile workforce. Sales people on the go, telecomuters, and weekend warriors round out a diverse work place that requires your staff to securely be able to access data, and work, from anywhere. With TurnKey Desk your workers, sales force, and managers can access their virtual desktop via any Internet access point and with any device. A laptop, home PC, thin client, or traditional office PC all can connect identically, leveraging all the benefits of The Cloud and not requiring any new hardware or software. Best yet, mobile devices such as smart phones (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) and the new tablet devices (iPad, Android, and other supported tablets) all can access using the same secure remote desktop protocol to access the exact same virtual desktop, business applications and data from anywhere in the world!

Integrate the Entire Office Network

TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktops replace individual desktop computers, but, more than that, it becomes your entire office network. When you have an office, or multiple offices - your TurnKeyDesktop Virtual Desktops interconnect to create your own private office network. Share files, print documents, access everything from the same Virtual Desktop. For larger organizations that span large geographic regions, you will find that the TurnKeyDesk is the answer to true corporate collaboration. For individuals, or small teams, the TurnKeyDesk gives you easy access to everything you need and want to share with the other members of your team.

Simple To Use

If your staff already knows how to use a computer, Microsoft Word, or any other business application - there is no difference or learning curve in using a TurnKeyDesktop Virtual Desktop. The user experience is identical to using a traditional desktop computer in the office (or home). You connect to the Virtual Desktop (utilizing the built-in Remote Desktop Protocol, which requires nothing to setup or install) and the screen on your monitor is identical to a computer workspace, with the same business applications, software, web browser, and more that you normally would have at your fingertips. If you can use a computer, you can use the TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop.

Security and Policy Controls

Information and data is every organization's secret sauce, and when that data is stolen, lost or corrupted, it can lead to a company's competitive position being compromised. With TurnKeyDesk, sensitive data is protected on secure servers in our datacenter rather than sitting on unprotected desktop computers or roaming around the public like the backseat of a cab, coffee shop or airport. Your data is always locked in our datacenter, providing centralized controls and compliance.

With TurnKeyDesk we can customize the solution that fits your organization's needs; for instance, we can customize the virtual desktop so employees are restricted from copying any data to a remote location (such as an employee trying to steal confidential customer lists). Such policy controls are not possible with traditional desktop computers, since employees can tamper with the physical security layers-- whereas with the TurnKeyDesktop everything, is secure in our datacenter, and you decide what policy controls you wish for your employees.

Connectivity to each TurnKeyDesktop is done via encrypted communication, utilizing strict access policy controls (configurable by the business to limit access to just to their office, or permit anywhere-on-the-go access such as from home, or mobile devices). There are no complicated VPN's to setup, and the system is universally secure across any platform or device utilizing the integrated encryption of the TurnKeyDesktop.

Automated Backups and Data Protection

TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktops are housed in our Enterprise Grade Datacenter providing redundant network, power and data systems to ensure continuous access at all times. Our Cloud Infrastructure offers self-healing, redundant systems: should a system go down (for maintenance or mechanical failure) it self-heals and replicates to a new system within minutes. Data backups are automated and stored offsite, providing you not only the best in reliability but the peace of mind of data security as well. Compare a TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktop to running a computer in your office: if the disk drive fails or power goes out, what would you do? With TurnKey Desk, your virtual desktop is back online automatically with our self-healing technology.

Compliance and Policy Controls

Each TurnKey Desk account includes access to our Microsoft Exchange Hosted Features with our TurnKey Mail communication solution and includes archiving and built in HIPAA and SOX compliance for your organization. Unlike trying to host an in-office virtual desktop solution, or using another cloud based virtual desktop offering - TurnKey Desk's infrastructure is all inside the datacenter owned and operated by the same company, without outsourcing key components. We maintain compliance end-to-end by owning and controlling each part of the connection, facility, servers, and data storage systems.

Centralized Management

Through the TurnKeyDesk administrative web interface, the business owner, or manager can monitor the entire work space of all Virtual Desktops. Through the centralized web administrative interface you can deploy additional virtual desktops, manage automated upgrades, patches and versioning controls as well as roll back or restore virtual desktops for employees who accidently deleted a file. There are no in-person office visits needed, and no long car rides between branch offices for your IT team to manage - it's all done via the centralized web interface.


Add, remove, or modify your TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktops at any time within seconds. Our TurnKeyDesk system is fully automated, providing you with true IT On Demand to add or modify users across any office or location for your business. You don't have to order more computers, or pay expensive IT staff to come to each office as you add new employees, a simple click of a button provides you with a new Virtual Desktop work space for any new staff.

Training and Quality Control

The TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop lets a manager monitor the activities in real time (while watching a remote copy of the screen) of their employees, perfect for quality control and training. Our Shadow-feature lets a training supervisor assume control of a TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop to train an employee, even if the 2 parties are located in different office locations.

Virtual Desktops are Green-Friendly

Cloud-sourcing IT is not only reliable, cost-effective and instant, but it also helps save the environment. That desktop computer or server in the office running your business email, or company CRM, or other applications will be drawing power 24 hours a day to keep it connected to the Internet. Even when there are no emails to deliver, the disk drive, the fans, the power supply all are drawing electricity.

With a TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktop or Cloud Server, our cloud infrastructure is up to 30 times more energy efficient versus leaving that office server online all day. Cloud Sourced Virtual Desktops and Servers are more efficient because of the core design model of virtualization and how resources are allocated on demand. For example, TurnKey Cloud, through its datacenters, provides services to clients from around the world. A client in Asia typically will have highest usage when clients in the United States are at their lowest -- so over a 24 hour period, the TurnKeyCloud system dynamically and efficiently can allocate resources on-demand to ensure you have the maximum performance while greatly reducing your typical energy footprint.

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