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How Virtual Desktops Work

  • How Virtual Desktops Work

Virtual Desktop Integration in the Cloud brings ease-of-use to both IT managers and business owners. The Term Cloud Desktop,Virtual Desktop and Hosted VDI are interchangeable and represent a merging of the traditional functions of an office computer with the mobility, scalability and cost effectiveness of The Cloud.

The complexities of setting up, securing, and maintaining office computers and desktop applications can be replaced with a click of a button utilizing TurnKeyDesk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops for scalable IT On Demand.

A Virtual Desktop works just like a traditional desktop computer- you can see the exact same screen, move the mouse, type at the keyboard, open a web browser, access your email, and run the same software applications. You can run the exact same business software you do on a virtual desktop that you would run on a traditional desktop computer, such as Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint, and all your other software such as QuickBooks, ACT, GoldMine, your company CRM or ERP and much much more!. If you can run the application on your traditional desktop computer, it will run inside your TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop, identical in function to before - but with all the great benefits of a cloud hosted virtual desktop.
TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktop

You securely access your TurnKey Desk Virtual Desktop over the Internet from any web browser using a desktop computer, laptop, thin client, smart phone, or tablet device.

When you are connected to the TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop, you run the same business applications such as as you would on traditional desktop. Your data files and documents are secure, backed up automatically, and accessible anytime from anywhere.

The integrated file sharing work space enables drag and drop file accessibility between secure shared folders. Computer resources such as the CPU and RAM are all in the cloud, you don't need to worry about expensive high end computers or laptops, everything runs inside the TurnKeyDesk Virtual Desktop Platform inside the Turnkey Internet SSAE-16 Certified datacenter.

Persistent and Non-Persistent Virtual Desktops

One of the most important considerations you will need to make when considering a VDI solution is whether to use a persistent, non-persistent or mixed model for your desktop platform. When using a persistent model, a user will be assigned a desktop and each time they login with their assigned credentials they will always use the same desktop. This in turn means that any work they do on "their" desktop is saved on "their" desktop. This approach pretty much matches the physical desktop world.

A non-persistent desktop is more like having access to a pool of desktops that are all setup identically. The user connects to the connection broker and then they select from one of the images available. Once they click on their image choice they are then allocated one of the desktops from that image pool which they use during that session. If they log off, when they return they get a different desktop from the pool.

The non-persistent model works best for organizations that need high availability and are simple in their application needs. A call center for instance would be a perfect example. They would need to have possibly hundreds of desktops available to various shifts of workers that would need to utilize a desktop when they are on call. Other examples would be student labs, training facilities, Kiosks, Public Libraries or any large organization that needs better security controls in place for their users.

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